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Business / Business Administration

Bachelor of Science

The Finance concentration in the Business Administration major helps students develop the strategies they need to manage financial operations. Students will learn how the financial decisions made by firms shape individual organizations and global economies. Through a combination of comprehensive curriculum, case studies, and experiential learning opportunities, students will be able to evaluate and manage the potential risks and rewards of financial decisions, develop strategies to achieve personal and corporate financial goals, analyze financial information and competing opportunities to maximize value, make market forecasts, and analyze securities. In the Finance profession, detail-oriented problem-solvers analyze the impact of market trends and management decisions on their clients’ investment returns. Finance professionals are experts in the science of money management.

  • Undergraduate / Bachelor's Degree
  • Credit: 120
  • Full-time
  • Start date: 18-12-2024
  • End date: 01-09-2028
  • Gen. Deadline: 15-09-2024
  • Int. Deadline: 05-09-2024

Admission requirements

  • IELTS: 6
  • TOEFL: 70
  • GPA: 2.5

Montclair State University

Per year Price: 23070 USD
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