About Us

We believe - everybody can study abroad!

What we do?

We know how challenging and complex it might be to enter a foreign university without having accurate information and some support; most of our team members have done it ourselves! However, studying-abroad experience is also an adventure of a lifetime. We, at Unibroad, are doing our best to assist you through all these procedures and help you reach a desiring goal – start your studies at a university abroad.

Who we are?

Unibroad International is a fully automated platform built to realize your dream of studying abroad at the world's leading universities. This platform is global and allows you to easily find programs that suit your educational background and apply them to the programs of your choice in minutes. This project was inspired by the idea of ​studying different cultures and forming a new generation of global thinking by studying abroad. We believe that there are no boundaries between education and science, and there should be no limits for those willing to study.

Meet World's Top Universities at Unibroad!

Unibroad is proud to partner with the world's leading universities. Our search engine will help you find a perfect match for you. Although, in the beginning, it may seem far-fetched and incredible, trust our expertise - you study-abroad journey is just one click away!


First of all, you must go to the site, register on it and go to the program section. After using the filtration system on the left, you can choose the program

that suits you. In the next steps you will have to fill in the required data to register for the program.

Confirm your application simply paying 5$ fee.